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Question 4 is when couples stop and look at me in confusion. I understand.

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Off-weeks tend to become catch-up weeks from built up stress. You rarely make the best use of your time during off-weeks. Many of my patients take a few hours to go do something as a couple — attend an event, movie, dinner — even on the nights they have their kids. Alone time also carries some mental health benefits, too. We know that kids go through a lot of transitions throughout their childhood. My advice is to create a ritual and routine around these transitions. Start by asking these 5 questions:. Every blended family has their transition plan based on their situation.

After you establish this plan, start to create rituals and routines around getting the kids. I really encourage having family meetings at every transition. Use this as your time to check-in with your kids, even if you talk to them frequently on the phone during off-weeks. A family meeting strengthens your family and your marriage. Kids see that both parents are interested and invested in how everyone is doing.


Everyone has a voice. Want a healthy marriage? Ex-girlfriend or ex-wife, or ex-husband or ex-boyfriend. Manage your negative feelings around them. Communicate with them consistently.

This Is The Cold, Hard Truth About Blended Families

Establish this from the get-go, even if they communicate poorly. Negative speaking sets a bad example for your kids and weakens your marriage. Time is so incredibly limited in a blended family. If you need to talk about something an ex did, talk about it briefly and intensely. Then move on. Those sort of comments should be avoided at all costs. What that statement instantly does is make your spouse feel like needing to keep up with the Joneses.

Benefits of blended families

From gifts, trips, vacations and everything in between, trying to keep up with your ex is always a losing battle. Plus it causes friction in your marriage.

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Kids with divorced parents will frequently see one parent as wealthier or more relaxed and the other as poorer or stricter. Anywhere that a kid can split parents and dichotomize the situation is unhealthy.

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  • This is where having values very grounded comes to your rescue. Step 1 : Acknowledge that you are two families with your two histories coming together. Step 2 : Discuss some old traditions that you want to continue doing. Step 3 : Determine if you want to make new traditions.

    Anything is fair game as far as traditions go. Is there a song you listen to every Christmas Eve? What does the tooth fairy leave under the pillow? References in periodicals archive? But with today's blended families of his, hers, and ours, it can seem impossible. The common denominator of blended families is that they are born out of loss.

    An incredible plot entertains without defeating logic and would make an effective class read, with many opportunities for discussion around key themes of friendship, blended families and identity.

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    Holidays are especially stressful times for families in which a divorce has taken place, as well as for blended families that bring together two families in the same household. Movies and books and magazines overwhelmingly tell first-family stories and give first-family advice.

    Adults in stepfamilies are instantly parenting unfamiliar, uncomfortable children — uncomfortable children related to a person they love deeply. Intimacy between people takes a long time, is built over repeated interactions, and develops at its own pace.

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    • It can be incredibly frustrating even in healthy relationships between two adults. It can feel impossible between an adult and an unrelated child. Adults in blended families are given a puzzle too. Their puzzle is missing pieces and has extra pieces from some other set, and if you try to assemble it to fit the pretty picture on the cover, you are likely to fail. The truth is no one wants to be in a blended family. Born of grief and failure, blended families are messy, and complicated, and exhausting.

      Hope is what kept Gabe and I talking until 4 a. Hope that we can keep working together and build a family that is a safe space for our children and for each other. Hope that our love and partnership will be an example for them as they grow. Hope that the children we love wildly will one day be able to freely accept that love and will feel it deep in their bones.