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Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass. In fact, I initially thought branding was just another word for marketing and that branding was mostly or all fluff and no substance. Boy, was I wrong! This book Forging An Ironclad Brand gave me an unexpected and very much appreciated lesson about branding and helped me understand that having a brand strategy is a business advantage. Yet it can be their unassailable competitive advantage. The first third of the book demystifies brand so you understand what it really is, how empowering it is as a leadership tool.

This eight-step process shows you how to build a robust and hard-working brand strategy. By following each of the eight steps, you will articulate your brand strategy in an empowered, proactive way, rather than waiting for creative lightning to strike. So in the final third of the book, I reveal the three major levers for activating a brand that will build a beloved business. You will come away knowing what brand is, why you should care, and how to build one.

When you finish the book, you will be equipped with the ultimate tool for what you care most about — leading a business that ever increases in value and meaning. The publication of Forging An Ironclad Brand is especially timely given that, in my own organization, I am tasked with helping business leaders be more effective business owners. In our Leadership Academy a week-long leadership development intensive which is part of a week program , I have the privilege of interacting with and listening to managers, directors, and Vice Presidents talk about how important and how meaningful the company is to them.

Time and time again this idea of what our company stands for has come up! Out of the five core values integrity, family, service, quality, and growth , the two that have been mentioned over and over again in all the stories shared are family and integrity! Pedersen writes , p.

See a Problem?

That product is the mechanism through which customers experience your brand promise. So, all companies have a product and all companies have a brand. The leaders who recognizes the role of both the product and the brand set the conditions to prosper. Product can be copied. Patents expire. Features obsolesce. What cannot be copied is a relationship. What does not expire is the trust you earn by particularly and consistently solving a customer need. What never gets old is delight. Loyal customers will not only stay with you—they will follow you as you evolve.

They help a customer to see your business, like it, and be loyal to it. While it may seem that great brands emerged into culture fully realized, truly great brands come from an intentional defining of the brand strategy. Marketing is the set of activities of messaging and delivering that meaning.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

So, brand is the meaning you stand for, and marketing is the activation of that meaning. Prior to this from to , she worked for over 5 years as a Brand Manager at Clorox, where she led billion-dollar businesses and newly-launched categories, from Clorox Bleach to Armor All to Brita. In Chapter 8 Step 2: Listen , Pedersen painstakingly walks the readers through preparing your own listening mindset, and staying open as you conduct one-on-one phone interviews with your customers.

She illustrates this with sample questions she might prepare if she were doing the brand strategy for United Airlines First-Class Lounge for those who often travel for work and who flies business class. Interestingly, the customer interview pp. Pedersen is a seasoned professional and reading her book and learning from her is incredibly illuminating. It is not merely what you say you do — it is what you actually do. It is the set of functional and emotional benefits and attributes that you bring to your customer.

It is what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Once you realize that your brand is not the colors, words or graphics you use to promote your business, but instead the content of your promise to your customer, you quickly understand how inappropriate it is to think of brand as a superficial gloss. Instead you see that your brand should be built into your product or service from beginning to end. Pedersen, L. Austin, TX: Lioncrest Publishing. Unleash Your Brand as a Force Multiplier. What is the difference between brand and marketing?

Being inconsistent is not just about words versus actions, but also in what you say consistently across time and how you act consistently across time. In other words, at any given moment and especially depending on the person or group you are interacting with, an observer might find that you are a completely different person. You cater to certain individuals while dismissing others. In the past decade, regardless of the type of organization nonprofit, educational institution, or for-profit company , I have consistently observed this type of inconsistency rear its ugly head i.

Net site. Indeed, that post is, by far, the most visited and shared of any other post on this site. I think it resonates so strongly with many people because they know of or have been treated by someone who acts in that manner i. Leaders, never forget that others, especially those who report to you, are watching your every word and deed.

When you are inconsistent, you lose your credibility. In fact, voters in many countries rank their politicians very low in credibility because politicians are often inconsistent with what they say and will change what they say based on the audience they are addressing.

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The best way to make regular ongoing deposits is by modeling good character consistently. Because people are convinced more by what a leader does than by what a leader says.

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  • People see what you do. Leadership confusion occurs when your words and your walk do not match. But people with integrity never have to worry about that. Keep your promises and model ethical behavior from day one, even if it means making an unpopular decision. Maxwell, J. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson. Developing the Leader Within You 2. Nashville, TN: HarpersCollins.

    Whetten, D. Developing management skills 9th ed. One year ago on December 20, , I flew half way across the U. When the recruiter reached out to me and, later, when the hiring manager invited me to come interview at their corporate headquarters near the Christmas holiday, I jumped at it.

    I was very excited because this was a great opportunity to work for a world-class and very famous tech company. It had been a long day. My five interviews would start around mid-lunch and last until the late afternoon.

    Licensure Information for I-O Psychologists

    I showed up and, throughout the day, met several key leaders, all of whom the hiring manager had lined up. One in particular stood out and the impression he left will be difficult to forget. He actually said that.

    Cathy L Z DuBois - Google Scholar Citations

    Some of you reading this may think, well maybe he was testing you. Yes, that did occur to me.

    If, as part of his interview, the VP thought he would test my confidence in my abilities and eagerness for the role, then he was sorely disappointed. As I shared with the recruiter who told me not to show up in a suit , I am confident without needing to puff up my chest and pounding on it. And, I do not subscribe to the idea of showing up for a job interview in casual wear.

    So I knew at that point that no matter what I said or did that this VP had already made up his mind that I was wasting his time, and I knew that this would not be the type of boss I would want to work with or for. Shortly after finishing my multiple interviews, I took an Uber to the airport and hoped on my flight home, having spent 24 hours there.

    My wife told me that if my experience with the VP is indicative of what the company is like then she did not think I would enjoy working there. She was right. More than anything, I wanted to see for myself that this company and the leaders and employees working there were like any other company — and that was exactly what I discovered. But what makes waiting so unbearable is that it is a long, drawn-out process, with no end in sight.