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Over participants, amazing energy and passion, and keeping up with the mission of the Startup weekend NGO — inspiring entrepreneurship. Lets kick off the Shenzhen startup scene with a bang! Startup weekend is gonna happen just before Chinese New Years on the weekend of Jan 18 to 20th here in Shenzhen, China! The last one was less than a couple months ago, but based on huge demand and some great venue choices, the guys at 3W startup cafe really want …. Another amazing weekend for startups here in Shenzhen! Been another exhausting week- day in the life of an overseas entrepreneur in China!

After Chinaccelerator demo day in Beijing last week, this past week was following up with investors and high level businessmen about Weibo Agent startup, to return to Shenzhen mid-week for Chinese work permit renewal its issued in Shenzhen, China so I have to return to Shenzhen …. Good luck to you. The secret is simply talking them into going back to your place and then getting them into a compromising situation where you can take advantage of their innocence. Lets cook hot pot at my place and watch a movie. Hey how about I give you a little massage while we watch the movie.

Kiss the back of her neck and its game on. If you are white and Live in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong and cannot fuck hundreds of Chinese women, you may as well turn gay. I do not know any white guy, not one, who cannot achieve that. The only question is how many can you take. Chinese women are by far the easiest for white men.

They drag you to bed, fuck you, and tell you how conservative they normally are. It is a consistent pattern but fucking always come first for most Chinese women. Sure, the locals will always say not All Chinese women are like that but the foreign men are outnumbered by Chinese women by a ratio of 10, to 1.

What to Expect from Your Employment Contract in China?

There is never enough white men for all the Chinese women. Most Chinese like white men for the beastial component inthe game of attraction just like how white women love black men for their masculinity and animalistic nature. However it is frowned upon in Chinese s as you would be mixing an average IQ society Chinese phenotype with someone from the Caucasoid group an average IQ only and that is optimistic. Your offspring would be pared down with a lower expected IQ of Though on the plus side, some of the physical features that barbarians prize like height and muscular strength can be inherited as well.

Please do not talk about the Romans because well read Chinese would know that most west Europeans were the former slaves of the Romans and rebelled against them. If you are Jewish of the Ashkenazi type however, it will put you in good stead. What you are saying is correct. Some autistic people can score very high on IQ but their EQ is very low meaning they are not actually that intelligent.

While some of the greatest minds of the century do not score particularly high on IQ. Feynman is only James Watson There are a lot of other factors when determining intelligence such as the capability of independent thought or creativity which is what I usually judge people on.

It has to be said that creativity is lacking in China not because Chinese people are inherently less creative but because the schools focus on maths not arts. Western people seem much better at some things such as imagination looking at a situation and imagining how it will unfold down the line as well as taking risks decision making.

Let me explain, I am a black American man who just recently retired from the U. I was stationed in Asian for many years. She worked at a gas station , Vietnam Ngoc and numerous other just forgot the names over time.

Women are women and if your game is on point, race does not matter. Be fit, clean shaven, great teeth and from my experience Asian women love a nice male bicep.

Going cash free: why China is light years ahead in the online payment revolution

In closing, no problems as a back man hooking up with Asian women. Hooking up with Asian women in America is a totally different story. Well if you are a easy man then definitely you d end up with easy girls. And thanks for those gentleman who are polite and smart and respect to other contries women. Totally agree with easy men would end up with easy girls. Plus male whore is more expensive than female whore LOL….

So before you agree with this article, think about what respect is. You should be ashamed of your behavior. In the eyes of Chinese people, the quality of the westerners is very high, which seems not to be the case. There is garbage everywhere. The white trash are pouring into China for an easier life cuz they cannot find success in their own countries.

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The so-called easy girls you meet up with are not reserved their bedsides for you alone, and they can brag about how many men they slept with. You know what, when you are talking about sleeping with Chinese girls, they tend to be the same bunch for all of you. Most Chinese girls are not like how you describe.

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I kinda want to agree with this article. In , I met my ex who was a white male on a dating site in the capital. Later on i found out that he had a girlfriend. Long story short. We actually have never confirmed our relationship even though a lot of things did happen and I did fall crazy for him and he did know that. I even visited him once after one year of long distance. This whole thing lasted about more than two and half years almost three years, we still have in touch though. This did affect me so so so much and I have been recovering from it since then. You should not treat her like how I was treated.

I know a few white guys who have gotten married in China and really love their wife. When it comes to getting laid there are two types of girls in China. I refer to them as bad girls and good girls. They go to clubs, get drunk, or ask outright for sex on tantan. Many of them will have been with ten or more westerners. These types of women exist everywhere not just China.

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It takes no skill or charm to get them and nobody should boast about scooping them up. This requires a longer game very different to western game.

Make sure they know that you are here to stay not just on holiday. Never talk about sex unless they do. They may seem like prudes but if they trust you they will jump into bed with you. That said most people should be able to punch above their weight if you put the effort in.

One last thing beware of girls who just want a token foreign friend they appear cool to have an attractive foreign friend on their table or someone to practice english with. Also girls in mixed sex groups are very very hard to get. Either get them away from the group lets go get food or go for all girl groups, preferably twosomes. I think this article should be taken down!

I think that Chinese women are the most beautiful woman in the world. Grow up and get a life!

The numbers here favor men as well.