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Bedding 1, DIY Materials 3, Bath 1, Lighting Storage Solutions Appliances Clocks Wedding Supplies Furniture Home Security Action Figures Model Kits Educational Toys Beanies Games Electronic Pets Toy Soldiers Collectables 14, Crafts 5, Art 4, Coins 5, Baby 2, Stamps 1, Music 1, Sporting Goods 1, Pet Supplies Despite our traveling ways, most of us know very little about our planet, or the state of its people. We must try harder…read more and not just let the fear-driven negative headlines rule the day. Secondly, we hold old paradigms a little too close when new paradigms have obviously emerged.

A dangerous mindset in which to make decisions. Finally, the world is changing so much so quickly. One of the many pleasures of being able to circle the globe yearly as we do, now since , is that we bear witness to those rapid changes first hand up close and personal. I am not saying all those changes are for the better either long-term or short-term , but what I am saying, is that the condition of human beings on our amazing planet is getting better—there is less violence, people are are living longer, people are better educated, people are healthier, women are more in control of their lives than ever, and people are materially wealthier.

If any of those metrics mean anything…we as a species are progressing. Now, whether we do the right thing, the enlightened thing…only Spock knows! There really is a Marrakesh Express…it runs through Casablanca en route to Fez 6. My guess? Gibraltar or Seville…maybe a few lingerers in the smokey cafes of Tangiers. A few photos pilfered from the blogs… A Drum Circle… Ying 2. The Tanneries of Fez… Goats head soup anyone? It is a busy African city bulging at the seams.

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No one, aside from diplomats currying favor, stops here any more…Bogart and Bergman are long gone, and Hollywood magic can only bring a place so far and any glamour Casablanca might have actually had pre World War II, wore off a long time ago. It was a Mandatory Scavenge for our travelers…and they will be better for having seen and done it.

Is it safe? Yes, we had no problems and felt no threat—it is just chaotic, hectic, crazy and many people are desperate—but not violent. It was canceled. There were no Middle East dominos…places like Tunisia, Morocco have been facing economic problems and allegations of corruption in ruling circles for decades. But Morocco and Jordan and now Algeria? Whether theocratic aspects remain neutral, is another thing; but they keep a tight leash on everyone with their Chinese-like surveillance-systems and French-like local policing system.

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Nuff said…. What would Bill do? Maybe…maybe, not! Day Monday, 29 April — Marrakesh, Morocco The city evokes: mystery, glamour, romance, wannabe French elegance, wanderlust, Cold War intrigue, Arabian, African, and European influences; and captivates: moody literary-types, hippies, jet-setting partying celebrities, closeted social life personalities, and Indian Jones-types. And always, the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains are there on a clear day—which in was everyday!

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Pick em. Sites are many here: the classically Moroccan architecture of 14th-century Ben Youssef Madrasa, the splendid towering Koutoubia Mosque, the exquisitely-carved Bahia Palace…but the piece de resistance here is the adjoining Jemaa el Fna aka Assembly of the Dead and labyrinth-like souk.

This is where the action is as the day turns into night. Sydney Sisters missed…overlooking the circus. Once a medieval trading square where public executions took place hence the Assembly of the Dead , nowadays it begins filling with honest workers plying their tourist trade: jellaba-clad Moroccan Berbers, Tuareg nomads, West African traders, veiled women, henna artists, donkeys, camels, tooth pullers, magicians, henna artists, storytellers, conjurers, acrobats, snake-charmers, fire-eaters, Gnaoua musicians, hashish salesmen, clang castanets, metal qarqaba castanets , duff hand drums and twanging three-stringed ginbri bass …all surrounded by scores of chefs firing up makeshift grills with billowing exotically toxic smells and impromptu picnic areas…stirring vats of steaming snails, goats head soup, and sizzling kebobs…there is nowhere quite like Djemma el-Fnaa.

The circus performs nightly…. We will let the days photos take it from here…. The things people do for points…love the camel butt crack!

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Think of the smells…since ! Hmmm: Interesting!? Check Bucket List Box here…. Day 17 : Sunday, 28 April — Marrakesh, Morocco Happy Easter to our Orthodox friends…noting says Jesus has risen like multi-colored peeps and chocolate bunnies. We arrived last night late from Athens to Marrakesh, Morocco…a town celebrated the wedding of Idris Elba —and that explains why we had to look to over 50 properties here before finding our home away from home—not the 50th worst, just 50—big, small, riads, boutiques, location, etc.

But we are here at the Savoy Le Grande Hotel for two nights…. Observation…boarding the plane last night from ATH-RAK, flight attendants handed out long white Easter candles to all…I asked when we would lite them…they were not amused. Note to FAA: Candles on planes, yes or no? Living in two worlds? First, closing the books on the last Athens Par 2 Leg in which five teams handed in score sheets:. It was a great fun toe-in-Europe leg and we are moving on…. Our participants two-weeks master class in perfecting the art of travel has come to a close.

It has been an exciting time with numerous travel lessons learned along the way:.

In Vancouver, they learned to hit the ground running with an element of surprise in a soggy wet urban adventure. BTW our only rain so far!

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In Saigon, the where fish-out-of-water bleary-eyed and jet-legged travelers in a hustling and bustling exotic Southeast Asian destination when the competitive juices really started to kick in. The language barriers were challenging along with detoxing from their comfortable worlds. In Myanmar, over a long hot four days they dealt with navigating a classic travelers triangle, the logistics of getting from here to there and finding a place for one-night…and the unique cultural nuances that is this special nation.

In Abu Dhabi, they took another urban adventure with a decidedly unique twist where things are done differently. In Jordan, they learned that it is all about the choices you make when it comes to Bonuses and the logistical difference between city and rural traveling. In Athens, they got their toe wet in the Euroland—efficient, normal, Western—but in the throes of a festival national holiday weekend ….

Now for their final exam, when all the skills they have learned come together while their situational awareness is peaking and the Travel IQ ready for action. Oh yea, did I mention May Day!? Leg Rule Changes : 1 Teaming up allowed, but only in Morocco! Some look one way, some the other… Athens past….

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Threw a fun On-the-Go Team Challenge at folks today in Athens: Gave a photo of a street and said first team to find the Chalmers Family nearby earned 76 points…amazed 4 teams found us. But who was first? Ying 2. A final note from me to you… Home now barely hours. That is in fact, chasing life … It was a time for our travelers to get out of their comfort zones for a while, to get away from their autopilot routines where they see without seeing, taste without tasting, and listen without listening. Congrats… Thank you all. Travel safe and far.

Good job… Next, I want to thank Pamela for everything…without her this event simply would not happen. They are made for everyone, all ages, to enjoy figuring out. Give your brain a workout. Word Searches For Dummies. This fun, go-anywhere guide is packed with puzzles to stretch your skills and strengthen your mind. Inside you'll find eight different Words Wit offers a unique approach to expanding your vocabulary, as it employs a reverse acronym method to help readers remember these words in a fun manner.

Rather than follow the regular break-down of a word, this book explains the meaning