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Women of Faith in the Workplace

Inquire now! She Elevates is a ministry dedicated to mentoring and training young girls toward business ownership. The primary vision of the organization is to provide young girls with the education and tools necessary to increase their understanding and knowledgebase to become powerful women entrepreneurs in the future. These young ladies will be mentored by women who are currently business owners, community leaders, and women of great influence. These leaders will open up their offices and business locations to facilitate effective shadowing days, events, outings, and special occasion visits as needed.

The purpose of shadowing will allow young girls access to actually see entrepreneurs running a business and what happens in their offices or field of business on a day-to-day basis. They will learn the realities of how their tasks and responsibilities are carried out with the spirit of excellence, enjoyment, and purpose in their chosen field of business. If you are interested in sponsoring this program or volunteering for She Elevates, email assist delorespressley.

Jesus Heals a Woman of Faith

Women of Faith. Home Women of Faith. Stop living your life trying to be a copy of someone else. No one can be you better than you. Guidry is the creator of shepreaches , a virtual community and professional development organization that aspires to uplift African-American millennial women in ministry through theological reflection, fellowship, and liturgical curation.

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On womanhood and justice: My work and ministry happen because I am a woman; a black woman. My ministry to women is borne out of the fact that none of us are free until all of us are free. I want all of us to be free from the threats and lived realities of poverty, violence, homophobia, and transphobia, mass incarceration, and all forms of addiction.

Moreover, I believe that when women are liberated, entire communities and peoples have new opportunities for collective liberation. On hopes for the future: I hope people will speak out against the injustice and intolerance that is taking place. I hope we move past social media, and inundate our sermons, scholarship, and public discourse with creative methods for resistance and calls to love.


I hope we don't forget that giants do fall, and that all it takes is one stone to slay them. On progress: In November of last year, I gathered at Standing Rock with more than clergy who had been mobilized by local Episcopal priest John Floberg to be in solidarity with the water protectors. Recognizing that early church doctrine gave ideological justification for the Dakota Access Pipeline, we gathered in all of our religious garb and accouterments around the sacred fire at Oceti Sakowin, and held up a copy of the Doctrine of Discovery, repudiated this doctrine, and handed it over to elders in the camp in order that it might be burned.

It is my hope that actions such as this will encourage us to recognize the ways in which our faith has been used as a weapon of colonization and dehumanization; and it is my hope that these swords might be beat into plowshares. On hopes for the future: I am hoping that we will realize that our faith calls us into a position of non-compliance with the current administration and that our resistance is an act of supreme faithfulness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But it is also my hope that bold and imaginative work might be born out of this resistance. The work of sanctuary must grow. Zakiya Jackson advocates for racial justice and education reform. She works with the Expectations Project and Collected Young Minds , a space for young writers to showcase their thoughts and skills.

On womanhood and justice work: As a black woman in the United States, I have the ability, blessing, and burden of understanding oppression in a way that can resonate with many people's lived experiences. The insights, wisdom, and brilliance of women of color Think of Black Madonna and Mujerista Theology for example are critical to understanding the root issues and producing the solutions of change. On progress: All the forms of protest that are rising up are encouraging. It seems like folks who aren't typically in the margins are finally getting angry.

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This is actually hopeful — to see people's agitation rising to the point of action and movement. Sometimes social justice is too trendy — liberation isn't born out of following a cute movement.

Liberation requires sacrifice, pain, and endurance. On hopes for the future: I hope white people will sacrifice in new ways — that they will sit with discomfort and act under the direction of people of color who center the oppressed in their work. I hope people of color will release themselves from all the obligation we sometimes feel toward whiteness and instead allow ourselves to heal from erasure and move toward beloved community from a more whole place.

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On faith and activism: If the church began to embrace LGBTQ people the way Jesus urged us to embrace every neighbor, we wouldn't see so many people rejected from their churches, cut off from their families, often wondering if the world would be better off without them. We would see more Christians who celebrate what a gift it is to have friends and family members who experience love and community in a slightly different way. Some of these men are extraordinary leaders and I'm so thankful they exist! But the movement suffers when there aren't more people of color, trans people, and women serving in leadership roles.

After the meeting, the member of Congress was moved to support legislation that acknowledges the realities of climate change and commits Congress to taking action. Constituent advocacy works!

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I hope that people will engage in respectful but truthful dialogue with elected officials and recognize their ability to enact structural change. Skip to main content. By using sojo. Magazine Current Issue Write for Sojourners. Subscribe Magazine Preaching the Word Newsletters.

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Jim Wallis. Speakers Bureau. Women and Girls. Mar 8, Here is some of what they had to say: Rev. JPG Rev. Jennifer Bailey. Wil Gafney.